Collaborations and industry links

Dr Natalie Briscoe (BioSciences, University of Melbourne) – collaborator – research on thermal ecology and impacts of climate change on native mammals

Dr Jasmin Hufschmid (Veterinary & Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne) – collabrator – wildlife dieases of native mammals

Dr Greta Frankham (Australian Museum, Sydney) – collabrator – conservation genetics of native mammals

Dr Paul Johnson (Austin Health) & Dr Janet Fyfe (Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory) – collaborators – Mycobacterium ulcerans research: human-wildlife interactions

Dr Marissa Parrot (Healesville Sanctuary, Zoos Victoria) and Prof Peter Temple-Smith (Monash Medical) – collaborators – platypus biology

DELWP (Vicotria Government) and Parks Victoria: collaborative research and industry partner for the long-term management of overabundant koala populations and their habitat in Victoria. I am a long-term active member (since 1999) of the Koala Technical Advisory Committee (Parks Vic & DELWP) which oversees the large scale, state wide koala management programs in Victoria.

Phillip Island Nature Parks (Victorian Government): PINP is an organization charged with the responsibility of conserving the fauna, flora, landscapes and historic precincts on Phillip Island, Victoria, and is committed to community education in conservation, targeting schools and ecotourism groups locally, nationally and internationally. Roles: Board of Management (1992- 2010), Chairperson of the Animal Ethics Committee (1992-2014) & current category B AEC member; Scientific Advisory Committee (ongoing, since 1992, including as Chairperson for some of this period).