Lab Profile

 My research team and I work on ecology, management, reproductive biology and diseases of Australian native mammals, with a focus on long term studies of wild populations. This approach allows us to interpret physiological events in the light of the behaviour and ecology of free-ranging animals, gain insights into the influence of seasonal events on wildlife populations, and to collect data to inform wildlife management programs. With my collaborators and students, I have conducted field based research on a range of species including koalas, platypus, echidnas, mountain and common brushtail possums, striped possums, ringtail possums, potoroos and native rodents. I have a strong commitment to collaborative projects across discipline areas.


  • DSC04374Research into various of aspects of the biology of the koala, including diet and general ecology, management, reproductive biology, fertility control and behaviour.
  • Ecology, including habitat use, diet, behaviour and diseases of mountain and common brushtail possums in fragmented forest landscapes.Tim + CRT DSC00302
  • Impact of Mycobacterium ulcerans on ringtail and brushtail possums (in collaboration with Austin Health – Prof Paul Johnson, and Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory – Dr Janet Fyfe)
  • DSC00124Various projects on the ecology of platypus, echidnas, potoroos and antechinusPlatypus Babies 2013 (1)